Goal of this project is to develop a simple web-based PIM tool (contact management, tasks, calendar, etc.) with emphasis on data security - this is achieved using pgcrypto contrib package and an encryption scheme with unique key for each user.

This project attempts to protect sensitive data, often stored in PIM applications, agains some types of security threats, e.g.:

  • unauthorized access using SQL injection
  • theft of the DB (either the whole HW machine, or just the database dump used for backup)

On the other hand there are many threats unsolvable by encryption of the DB - among others weak passwords, attacks on the communication channel (e.g. well known "man-in-the-middle").

More details about the project may be found on the project web on The project is currently in a prototype phase, i.e. it contains a working implementation of the basic contact management so it is verified that this concept works in the desired way.


On the first screenshot you may see the overall UI (which may be customized using CSS), namely a list of contacts. This is a testing DB so the contacts were generated using a script - hence the strange names.

Seznam kontaktů.

Second screenshot displays a contents of the database - list of contacts in this case. As you see the data are unreadable - you have to trust me that it's due to encryption ;-)

Šifrovaný obsah databáze.

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